Online Equine Studies offers a selection of courses from as little as £10, ranging from topic-specific courses to those that can lead to fully-recognised BHS qualifications.



  • Providing high quality education in horse care and management
  • Virtual Learning Enviroment (VLE) and/or paper-based learning
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fully interactive, with activities and quizzes with instant feedback
  • Accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices
  • Full tutor support for all courses

Professional quality


All of the content has been written by experienced course writers who are also fully qualified BHS registered instructors and the courses have been developed by an E-learning professional.


You can rest assured that all of our course content meets the highest standards and the courses provide an interactive and fun learning experience.

Cross-device support


All of the learning materials are accessible on a variety of devices including mobiles, tablets and computers.


You can move between devices whenever you want so you can learn anywhere at any time.

Courses covering all aspects of horse knowledge and care

Essential Horse Knowledge certificates

Recreational qualifications run by BHS Qualified Registered Instructors.

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Save yourself £30 with free BHS registration for the EHKC courses

Short topic-specific courses suitable for the complete novice or as a top-up for the more experienced

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Join in the discussions with other students in the forums, carry out activities, quizzes and tasks that your tutor will mark and provide feedback on.


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